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investCLUB for Women… and men that dig it too!


investCLUB for Women is home of the most unique, engaging,

most hands on real estate experience available out there!


Next Challenge Begins: August 21, 2017


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Your Mission, should you choose to accept....
Looking for an elite group of  people to participate...
Get ready for a new kind of challenge...
A challenge where success is dependent on the entire group, not just one individual.
A challenge like none ever before. 
Are you ready to play?  

The 60-Day Challenge
Mission of the 60-Day Challenge:
Be in action. 

Have Fun, Make Money.
Develop successful habits.

Goals of the 60-Day Challenge:
Work with Team. 
Close a Deal. 

Dearest Investor,
I would like to personally invite you to participate in our next 60-Day Challenge.  This opportunity is quite a unique experience...something only available to our Annual Members of investCLUB for Women. You will not find a more hands-on, in the trenches, learning, doing and being experience elsewhere!
I have to warn you however.  This Challenge is not for everybody.  Get ready to be pushed completely out of your comfort zone.  At investCLUB for Women we believe that you earn your biggest growth when you are out of your comfort zone.  Hence if you are not ready to step forward and create something different than what you already have, then need not apply!
On the other hand, if you are ready for results, if you are ready for change, if you want to experience investing at a whole new level and are ready to get your butt kicked....then please join us for our orientation call and find out more if this challenge is right for you!  
With love and passion,
Iris Veneracion
PS What a great time it is to be an investor! The market is ripe with great deals!

Prerequisites for participation 
1.  Pay the Fee to play the 60-Day Challenge that includes Membership: $2997
                          Includes: Marketing/material fee, Annual Membership and Cappi Pidwell's Mental Money Mastery Program
2.  Complete this Questionnaire and fax back or email by TBD.
*Be on time. No late applications will be accepted.

If you are a RETURNING challenger, please complete the following Questionnaire. Same due dates apply.
3.  Read, initial, sign and date the Team Covenant.  Fax back or email by TBD.
*No late applications will accepted
4.   Commit to having the same real estate mission: To close at least one deal each and work as a team!  

The 60-Day Challenge Fee
 60-Day Opportunity: $2997
(includes an Annual Membership)
If you already have an Annual Membership at the time of application, please know that 12 months will be added to your existing membership, 
alongside with your 60-Day Challenge experience.
Fees & Application Deadline is TBD

Learn more about the host of the 60-Day Challenge, Iris Veneracion, by listening to

Justin Williams interview her on the House Flipping HQ Podcast.


You can prepare so more with literature, here is the recommended reading list:


Click Here to Download Recommended Reading List 




What is the schedule during the 60-Days?

Mandatory Meetings:
There are in-person Monday Meetings in Santa Ana, from 6:30pm-9:30pm.
Every Thursday, we will have a Conference Call from 12:15pm - 1:00pm.

There will be non-mandatory Field Trips scheduled throughout the challenge. 

I’ve played before in a previous challenge, can I play again?

YES! We welcome returning challengers. Especially now that the market has shifted, the challenge curriculum has changed to accommodate the best strategies. 

Please note that we’ve changed many of our policies and registration processes. Just follow the steps outlined above on this page. As a returning challenger, you will be required to complete a different questionnaire in substitute of the new players’ questionnaire. Please see above for document downloads. Returning challengers can play at the special rate of $TBD + Annual Membership Fees. Contact Joanna at the office 714.265.7676 ext.1 to get your special pricing.

If can’t play this 60-Day Challenge, when is the next one scheduled?

Challenge 20 will not be scheduled until end of Spring 2017. Date TBD.

We will only be hosting 1-2 60-Day Challenges a year due to it's intense nature, please sign up for the interest list above to ensure you are included in the announcements.

What exactly will I be learning?

After the 60-Days you should leave knowing how to write offers, talk to sellers, create systems, build a buyers list, launch marketing campaigns, focus on a geographic market, and develop the necessary habits needed in this business. Each challenge is unique with strategies reflecting the current market. 

Every Monday we will have a mastermind spotlighting and exercising these areas by role-play, problem solving, topic specific activities, and discussion/seminar style learning. 

What kind of experience or knowledge is required for the Challenge?

You will need to know the basics of the real estate business to start on the same page as the rest of the Challengers. This is not a Real Estate 101 course. Please review the fundamentals of real estate and know the language.

You will be also required to complete tasks and communicate through email, internet, and computer programs. Therefore, being computer literate is mandatory. You will need computer skills like: Word, Excel,  email, and researching via the web. You must also own or have easy access to a computer that is capable of all the above.

(Please note that if you are seasoned real estate investor and are already making money in the business, the 60-Day Challenge may not be the right fit. We certainly do not want the tasks and assignments involved in the challenge to hinder or be in conflict with your current real estate business.  The challenge is designed for investors that need help creating systems and habits and for those who could benefit by being on a team and held accountable.)

If the team makes money during the 60-Day Challenge, is there a profit share?

Yes. The details of profit share will be released to those who make the final team. Please note there is no guarantee in making money in the Challenge. Please do not rely on the Challenge for main or substitute income during those 60 days. We encourage those that are not financially comfortable at this time to play another challenge when finances are in healthy order. We want people to play from abundance and a healthy standpoint. From past experiences, challengers that are financially stable while playing have more focus on the tasks at hand.  

What is the typical profile of a 60-Day Challenger?

We are looking for the cream of the crop! People who graduate from the 60-Day Challenge are called Real Estate Warriors. A Real Estate Warrior is: a self starter, independent, resourceful, positive & optimistic, and they possess ingenuity.  ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! They are willing to do whatever it takes. They are committed.

We want people to work with us in the future, we want build our family; therefore we would like local members that plan on being around to share our network.

I have a full time job, will that hinder my performance? Actually, we found in the past that people with a full time job usually have more focus and have been extremely successful. This could be from pressure to time manage more efficiently with 2 big commitments.

What happens if I get eliminated? Do I get a refund?

Firstly, we do not want anyone to be eliminated!  If you have taken the time to sign up for this program, that already tells us that you are someone special who is ready for something different - a challenge! 

We do assess, as best we can, all of our candidates.  If it is determined that it is not a a right fit from the start, you will get a refund of the full amount.  If you join us in the beginning, play with us for the first week and find out that this totally not for you, we understand.  You will get your full refund. We want you to be sure that this is what you are ready for! 

However, if you are  eliminated in the following rounds, you will get a weekly prorated refund. 
Therefore: $333 per week.

  • If you are eliminated after week 1:  Refund is $2664
  • If you are eliminated after week 2:  Refund is $2331

(Based on a Entrance fee of $2,997)

If a Challenger is accepted onto the final team and after week 3 decide, for any reason, to leave the challenge, there will be NO refunds.   

How many hours a week will I need to commit to the Challenge?

15 hours a week minimum is required, but its known for challengers to spend up to 35 hours a week working on assignments and challenge related work.


What can I do to prepare for the 60-Day Challenge?

  • Clean and organize your office space at home.  Get everything put in its place and filed away. Back up your computers

  • If you use your cell phone as your primary contact and source of outbound calls, increase your minutes so you are not charged overages.

  • Postpone any big trips or huge obligations

  • Read Brian Tracy’s, “Eat That Frog”, become acutely aware of time management and creating efficiencies.

  • Re-listen to any of your old real estate programs – believe it or not, they are all good.  Use them as refresher courses.

  • Get a Dropbox account (as disussed on the Q&A call)

  • Clear your mind, open your heart and get ready for a wild ride!

 See what previous warriors had to say

A few quotes from some Graduates of the 60-Day Challenge:


"During the Challenge, I gained tremendous knowledge and experience in real estate investment, with the most growth of me came from the attitude. Just as the title of Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”, indicated, if you want to be rich, you need to change your mindset first. The bigger the dream, the bigger the gain, and the richer you will be."



"I have grown a lot for the last 60 days. I am a different person now. Bobi and Iris have demonstrated two popular theories that are wrong. One is “No pain no gain”. Who would think you can gain and still have lots of fun. The 2nd one is “Competition is Necessary”. The correct theory should be “Collaboration is Necessary”.  Finally, I would like to thank Bobi, Iris, her team, the team mentors as well as my fallow warriors for this amazing journey. I could not have done it with you all."



"I had no idea what I was signing up for when I registered for the 60 Day Challenge, and it turned out to be one of the best investments I ever made.  Following their effective model, I increased my offers submitted by over 150% and their comprehensive approach allowed me to overcome my mental hurdles.   Best of all, I get to party with a group of like-minded, winsome investors.  Look forward to seeing you at the next Challenge!"



"If you have been taking countless of Real Estate seminars only to be left even more confused or overwhelmed than before you took those seminars, or if you are feeling like your on the outside looking in and feel like your on your own then the 60 day challenge is for you, it is a step by step week by week hands on training. I highly recommend the 60 day challenge to all real estate investors looking to get started in the Southern California market."



"I have taken countless courses. I think I could have taught the basics of RE Investing. But none was the hands on, get your ass in gear, learn by doing experience as the 60 Day Challenge.

Until the Challenge I had not accomplished anything. The Challenge offered a chance to step out and perform while having experts in the field point you in the right direction and support you on every practical level. ​The number one advantage of the Challenge is the close personal network of people who are in the field at all levels. You will leave the challenge connected to the Southern California REI community and that is priceless.​​

And when they say challenge, they are not kidding. You are challenged to perform, to study, to learn, and to break through the barriers that have so far not allowed you to have the success you wanted.

I can honestly say that were it not for the challenge I would not have gotten my first deal or ever signed any contract. It would all still be abstract theory. Now it is day to day reality and I am grateful to all of the effort and thought that investClub for Women has put into this program. It is head and shoulders above ANY program you will find out there. Hands on, practical and effective.

And life-changing. It is easily worth 10 times what they ask, but don't tell Iris. This is a good price."



"This Challenge has been a fantastic experience!  I feel totally blessed to have come together with this group of awesome individuals and I’ve learned so much not only from our awesome instructors and mentors, but from my fellow Challengers."


Just a FEW of the checks we handed out to our challengers...

A few quotes from Graduate Warriors of the 60-Day Challenge!


"I have grown so much through the challenge, I think it one of the most powerful learning experience that I've had in my life" Lisa S.

"I had an amazing week, I got everything done in a calm daily manner by breaking up all the calls and offers across the week.  The help from my agents, wife, VA are all working fabulously now and I wanted to thank you for the growth I am experiencing right now as a leader.  Instead of doing everything on my own, I am spending my time building the creative offers and looking for ways to add value with sellers.  In addition I have the work life balance that seemed impossible just few weeks ago."

- Joe Milunas


"I would like to say that I am extremely impressed at the level of detail you two have put into this Challenge. The spreadsheet alone is a masterpiece."

- Karlyn Ulrich


"We had our first flip completed and it is listed on MLS today.
I just want to let you know this because if I didn't go through 60days challenge with you guys, I would not have done this.Thanks again to both of you.
We just started construction on the 2nd one.You truly changed our lives!!"

-Yuko M.


"Thank you for the 25 absentee owner leads. I will call them this week. The treasure hunt was more than just a child's game.  It WAS a fun game to play and feel young & silly and get your blood flowing, but it was also a time for us to bond further with our partners. I know you already know this but I want you to know I Really appreciate the time and effort it took for you to organize the game. It was a great way to start week 2. The winner's gift was the icing on the cake. Thank you!

One more thing... I know that the challenge was going to be different from anything I had tried in the past due to All of the positive and enthusiastic testimonials. But it's TRUE. I know after only one week that I'm going to change a lot and I'm really looking forward to those changes."

-Kim C.  - Email from week 2 of challenge



"We had our first flip completed and it is listed on MLS today.
I just want to let you know this because if I didn't go through 60days challenge with you guys, I would not have done this.
Thanks again to both of you.
This flip was funded by my private money and we purchased one more property last week. We just started construction on the 2nd one.You truly changed our lives!!"

-Yuko M.



"I've taken 6 months of courses and 1 week of the 60-Day challenge has been better than the 6 months of courses..."

-Robin C



60-Day Challenge Team 6


"What I learned is that I can do this...that was huge for me. I've been to a lot of seminars and I've "kind-of" done this, "kind of" done that but it was never like this..."

-Renee B


"The 60-Day Challenge has been a great journey for me.  I've experienced pressure, stress, accountability, joy and success!"

-Tugba S.


60-Day Challenge - Team 4



"The negative thoughts and beliefs I had about myself and real estate began to fall away. Being surrounded by such wonderful, energetic, positive team over the last 60 days, I became more aware that for any outcome you want, there is a certain way of thinking and acting that can get you there.  I've realized that in order to be a successful real estate investor, you need to think and act like a real estate investor.  You have to own it!  It's been a great experience."

-Mary G


"I've been investing for about 2 1/2 years and I joined the 60-Day Challenge to improve my skill set and maybe learn something...and I certainly did. It was definitely worthwhile and I think it was valuable tool that most seminars happen to leave was also a lot of fun!"

-Justin Y


60-Day Challenge - Team 3