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investCLUB for Women… and men that dig it too!

investCLUB for Women Annual Memberships
Why Become an Annual Member?

5.  Play the next 60-Day Challenge!  

4.  Your membership can be tax deductible! Consult your CPA.  

3.  Catch up on past speakers - watch the video replays as often as you want

2.  Because you are committed to expanding your real estate education this year 

1.  This is the greatest time in history to be in real estate! Get plugged in!



Sign up for your membership today.  Get the best value in town! See below for more... 




Whether you are a full time or part time investor, every smart business person understands that in order to be successful, you cannot do it alone.  Believe me, I've tried in the past and yes I did a few deals on my own but only when I developed my team and created a network around me, did my real estate investing business explode!
The days of the lone ranger are no longer necessary. Start your own powerful network of like-minded investors to help support and guide you. If you are just beginning, this is a great place to start. If you already have some experience under you belt, this is a great place to sharpen your skills, open yourself to new opportunities, and best of all, contribute back to others that are just starting out. 
Stay on the pulse of things, don't get left behind. Experts are saying that the greatest transfer of wealth is happening NOW. Be part of a group that is ready to take advantage of the amazing opportunities! Read on below to discover more about your Annual Member benefits. 


 Annual Membership Benefits



VIP Admission to monthly investCLUB general meetings                    Value: $300

Each meeting is an opportunity to learn new techniques and strategies to take your investing career to the next level.  One of the most important ways to build your business is through networking.  Monthly meetings are an excellent way to stay connected in the real estate world and build life-long relationships in the business. Annual Membership gives you VIP access to our Orange County and Los Angeles Meetings.

2 VIP Passes for your guests                                                              Value: $50

This is a perfect way to expose your friends and family to real estate investing so they can get involved in the hottest real estate market ever.  The education our speakers offer is crucial for new investors as well as those who want to sharpen their skills.                                            


“Members Only” Meetings                                                 Value: $300

A very special benefit to your membership, these meetings represent networking at its best.  In a more intimate setting than our general meetings, you really get to know other members and build strong relationships.  We use this meeting to go over each others deals, get advice, share opportunities and have fun too!  Partnerships are formed, teams are built, deals are made and we all learn from each others real experiences.


60-Day Challenge Access                                                                   Value: Priceless!

Exclusive only to our Annual Members!                                                                  

Two times a year we host a new 60-Day Challenge where you are invited to join a team of like minded investors on a 60-day journey to success.  In the challenge, you set 60-day real estate goals. You’ll learn how to achieve more than you ever thought possible in only 60 days.  Warning:  This challenge may spread to other areas of your life!  You may see improvements in every aspect of your life as a result of playing full-out.

NEXT CHALLENGE begins January 2016 (Additional Fees to Play)


Eco Friendly Tote Bag!                                                                      Value: $20      

Ok, so maybe it won’t end global warming, but we love it!  Use it to bring home all your networking materials or for your groceries from Trader Joe’s - like we do!

Special Annual Member Discounts and Invitations                            Value: $1000+

Every speaker gives special attention to our valued annual members. You’ll get generous bonuses and/or discounts on their products and services. 

Annual members also get special invitations to our events and free entry or discounted pricing on any InvestCLUB hosted classes.


Annual Vision Boarding and Goal Setting Workshop                        Value: $49

Set your goals and intentions for the year and create your own vision board in a highly energetic environment with other like-minded investors.  

$10 materials fee for Annual Members.


Audio/Video downloads of Guest speakers                                       Value $240

You’ll have access to every investCLUB Guest speaker at your fingertips.  Never miss another meeting again!  Review speaker presentations 24/7 in the comfort of your pajamas or during your commute. This alone is worth the value of your membership!  



The Annual Membership Value

Retail Value: $3071+

Investment:   $299 PrePaid (Monthly Auto Debit available for $27.00/month)

                         $479 with Spouse or Business Partner PrePaid (Monthly Auto Debit available for $42.00/month) 


 -or-  Auto Monthly Debit? Click Here



Members love investCLUB!

"A great network of great people who love to make money in real estate and have fun doing it"

-Zaid R.

Love InvestClub! By far the most fun and best networking club around. They always have interesting speakers and a can do attitude. I have never left there without at least one gold nugget of investing information. Thanks!
-Clare C.

 "I try not to miss you guys meeting, you guys have fantastic speakers. 
I’m glad to be a member and appreciate it!!!!"

- Victoria E.

Become part of the investCLUB for Women family.
We welcome you with open hearts & open minds!