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investCLUB for Women… and men that dig it too!


NOTE: Please note the December Meetings are ONE WEEK EARLY


December 2016 Panels
Featuring a Different Panel Each Meeting!

Glendale Panel

Irvine Panel


You are invited to “wrap-up” your real estate year with power & inspiration! Join us for the ultimate, unique year-end celebration. Meet our brilliant, hand-picked panelists… Learn from active, women real estate investors!


 Please note the December Meetings are ONE WEEK EARLY

December 13th

Robert Hall & Associates Office

300 W Glenoaks Blvd.

Glendale, CA 91202

3rd Floor Conference Room

$20 for Pre-Registered 

$25 at the Event

Annual Members Free

-Men Welcome-


December 14th


South Coast Cultural Center
9 Truman
Irvine, CA 92620
2nd Floor Event Room
$20 for Pre-Registered
$25 at the Event
Annual Members Free
-Men Welcome- 


Pick up ideas on how these real women do it, not how some guru does it…these ladies are in the trenches everyday doing deals.  Learn from the experts, enjoy their stories and best of all, ask YOUR questions!


      • Come for new ideas, for inspiration

      • Listen to the real deal, from women just like you

      • Hear how they got started and their investing strategies

      • What is and what isn’t working for them

      • Find out their goals for the new year

      • Q  & A session – get answers to your questions



Nothing to be sold, no packages, no bootcamps,

just their stories on how they succeed




Introducing the 2016 Panelists

Find out more about each panelist below

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_________Valerie Clark_________

Buy and Hold

Valerie Clark, of Maverick Properties, has over 20-years of real estate experience, and is currently a long-term HOLDER of assets in Dana Point, Long Beach, and Bakersfield.  These properties have come in all shapes, sizes and conditions, and she has turned them all into a profitable rental portfolio.

Previously, Val was a home flipper in Orange and Los Angeles Counties and a condo-developer in Long Beach.  

Prior to her real estate focus, Val had a 20+ year career in high-tech marketing with firms including Nexgenix (Irvine), TRW (Redondo Beach), and Xerox (Torrance).

Val grew up in Phoenix, AZ and graduated from Arizona State University.  She now lives in Silverado Canyon with her partner Tammy, 4-dogs, 1-cat and a tractor.

Val Clark (949) 275-5150



_________Holly McKhann_________

Fix and Flip

Holly and her husband Scott are full-time real estate investors, having done over 100 fix and flips in the Inland Empire in the last four years.  Holly is a former CPA with an MBA in finance, and Scott is a registered civil engineer with a decade of experience at public home builders.  Their blend of expertise and experience has attracted multiple investors.  They used to buy exclusively at trustee sales, but now focus on relationships with realtors to find the flip deals that work.  They love minimizing taxes through flipping in IRAs, college savings plans, and 1031 transactions.  They have their kids’ college educations paid for now too largely through flips! They own 15 rental doors and are looking for partners to acquire more.  They love working from home and have a part-time realtor/admin assistant too.  They have been married 21 years, have 4 children ages 10, 12, 15, and 18, and live in Norco.


Holly McKhann


_________Kristi Cirtwill_________

 Creative Funding


Kristi bought her first house in February 1999.  It was a single family home with a basement apartment that needed major remodeling. Within 4 days of owning the property, she had the basement gutted. Then she called her dad and said, "Help! How do I put this back together?!" And that began the start of her rehabbing business. 
A few years ago Kristi moved from Toronto, Canada to Long Beach to start a full time rehab/re-sell business. She purchased 40 houses last year, and while the market has been a little slower for her this year, she continues to buy in Los Angeles and Orange Counties to rehab and re-sell. 
Kristi currently lives in Long Beach, CA. She enjoys outdoor activities, playing her guitar, attending happy hours and visiting her family in Canada.
12340 Seal Beach Blvd, Suite 249
Seal Beach, CA 90740

_________Lisa Hoegler_________

Notes and Private Lending


Founder & Executive Director
. Lisa is the Founder and Executive Director of LA South REIA and an active full-time investor. She discovered her passion for investing after joining a REIA in Charlotte, NC and purchasing her first property in 2004. Lisa credits the experienced members of that REIA for giving her the confidence and the support to do her first deal. Since that time, Lisa has been the principal investor on hundreds of rehab and rental properties. Today, Lisa’s primary focus is growing her note portfolio and coaching members of the LA South REIA toward successful investing careers, as others had done for her. Her areas of real estate expertise include rehabbing, creative financing, private lending, and cash flow properties. Prior to becoming a full-time investor, Lisa was a corporate finance executive for Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America, Delta Air Lines, and Fiserv. She received her M.B.A. from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and her Bachelor of Science from Cal State Long Beach. Lisa is proud to call the South Bay her home.


Lisa Hoegler


_________Toya Faby_________



Toya purchased a 4 plex in 2008 and partnered with a co-worker to purchase two distressed SFR to flip in 2009.  She lost everything in 2010 and decided to take a break from real estate.  In 2013 she started to hear the buzz about wholesaling and then hired a coach to teach her the ropes.   Her coach advised her of four important aspects of wholesaling which were mindset, marketing, being consistent, and that wholesaling can be done anywhere in the country (aka virtual wholesaling). Once she began to market consistently her confidence grew and she closed her first wholesale deal in Atlanta while living and working full-time in Los Angeles.  She never met the seller, buyer, or the closing attorney.                     

After receiving her first “reality check” she started marketing in her own back yard (Los Angeles) where she’s currently wholesaling, using her IRA to fund flips, and she recently took on a student to teach virtual wholesaling.  She also continues to work full-time while constantly exploring unique ways to market to motivated sellers and learning lessons from each real estate transaction.   Toya enjoys connecting with real estate entrepreneurs, loves laughing, concerts, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Toya Faby                                                                                                                                                                                                

(323) 992-0812                                                                                                                                                                                 

_________Christina Suter_________

Buy and Hold


Since 2002, Ground Level Consulting has helped numerous investors in southern California and the western U.S. region. Owner Christina L. Suter gained experience by investing in over 15 million in real estate, with over 300 doors during the last 25+ years. Almost a decade ago she decided to share her expertise with other Real Estate Investors as a Real Estate Investment Advisor. 

Whatever your area of investing, many of the foundational principles and dynamics of investing remain the same. Ground Level can help you increase your profits, analyze the success of a deal, perform due diligence, reduce your hours of management, implement integrity and quality standards within your investments, as well as other vital enhancements that smooth out your operations and upgrade your performance.

Ground Level offers highly qualified real estate management services, ranging from portfolio analysis and management to one-on-one investment mentoring as well as personal financial coaching. 

Christina L. Suter

Ground Level Consulting

(310) 463-5942

_________Sue Hoyuela_________

Vacation Rentals


Sue Hoyuela is a vacation rental host with over 1,000 positive reviews under her belt and counting. What began as an attempt to make extra income to pay off her debt, she was surprised to discover that the income from renting rooms using Airbnb soon surpassed her full-time income as a manager. And, after just 9 months, she quit her job to build her vacation rental business. Once she was free from a boss, she began exploring all of the ways to use Airbnb to create multiple streams of income and developed 4 different business models.

The financial freedom that came along with hosting vacationing guests was so life-changing that Sue became passionate about sharing this secret to “financial freedom through vacation rentals” with everyone. Since 2011, she has been a coach and mentor, helping people to rent anything from a COUCH to a WHOLE HOUSE on ​Airbnb. Specializing in "creative uses of space" she can turn just about any unused area into a profit center.

Sue Hoyuela