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April 2017 Speaker -  Irvine Meeting 


Meet the Experts Who Find the Best Deals that Make You the Most Money



Toya Faby: Toya purchased a 4 plex in 2008 and partnered with a co-worker to purchase two distressed SFR to flip in 2009.  She lost everything in 2010 and decided to take a break from real estate.  In 2013 she started to hear the buzz about wholesaling and then hired a coach to teach her the ropes. Her coach advised her of four important aspects of wholesaling which were mindset, marketing, being consistent, and that wholesaling can be done anywhere in the country (aka virtual wholesaling). Once she began to market consistently her confidence grew and she closed her first wholesale deal in Atlanta while living and working full-time in Los Angeles.  She never met the seller, buyer, or the closing attorney.  
After receiving her first “reality check” she started marketing in her own back yard (Los Angeles) where she’s currently wholesaling, using her IRA to fund flips, and she recently took on a student to teach virtual wholesaling.  She also continues to work full-time while constantly exploring unique ways to market to motivated sellers and learning lessons from each real estate transaction.   Toya enjoys connecting with real estate entrepreneurs, loves laughing, concerts, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Tim Gordon: Tim is a landlord, wholesaler and rehabber. Originally from England he has lived in the U.S. since age ten. He moved to California in 2008 after college. He worked for six years in sales while building his wholesaling business, and after three years he went full time in 2015. He’s completed close to 100 wholesale deals over the last five years and specializes in locating, negotiating, and purchasing off market properties in Southern California. His business is designed around flexibility & simplicity with the goal being to allow him the most possible free time for family and travel. 

 Karen MooreWhile pursuing a degree in Neuroscience, Karen realized the only thing one can do with a science degree is get more science degrees. Fortunately, by the time she graduated she'd built a thriving therapeutic massage business that accidently continued for the next 20 years until, through a twist of serendipity, Karen met a Real Estate investor at a business networking event. A friendship was born and a new business interest was sparked. Kristi Cirtwill encouraged her to begin with wholesaling.  Kristi was adamant, the first step Karen must take was to enroll in an important class; a class called The 60 Day Challenge. And so it began...

Now, Karen enjoys mentoring in the challenge with many awesome Graduate Warriors, and helping students and other wholesalers and professionals get deals done. Her favorite parts of this business are the opportunity to constantly grow and learn by navigating the different needs and roadblocks in every deal, collaborating with other professionals to structure win-win-win outcomes, and connecting with people personally to discover creative solutions that catalyze successful deals for everyone involved in a given transaction. 

Wholesale Panel

Wednesday, April 19th, 2016


South Coast Cultural Center
9 Truman
Irvine, CA 92620
$20 for Pre-Registered
$25 at the Event
Annual Members Free
-Men Welcome-