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investCLUB for Women… and men that dig it too!


Work with us!

Become a VIP Buyer...

Get early access and information to upcoming properties available through our club.



Being VIP has its perks...



investCLUB for Women will personally call you to recognize your unique interests, whether it be multi-unit, family, land, or commercial properties.  Then we will be able to contact you when a deal of your specifications becomes available through our club.



All featured properties through the club will be available to our VIP Buyers 3 days before they are released to the public and posted on our website.



The most affordable way of being in the know!




 Real Estate Investors...

Bring your deals here first! 


We’ll pay cash for deals that fit our criteria and close within 10 days when needed. 


We’ll also partner with you to wholesale your out-of-area deals to our network of investors.  Even if you don’t have a buyers list, you can be wholesaling today,

just bring the deal. 




Buying criteria for 2016


  • Fixers Only

  • Prefer Vacant/Absentee owners
  • Southern California Properties
  • Single Family
  • 3bed/2ba
  • 1200-2400sqft
  • After repair value of $500,000 or less


*If the property falls outside of our Buying Criteria, call us.

We’ll review the deal and see if it still works for us.


We’ll pay 65-75% of after repaired value price – Minus repairs




Minus 7% Sales Cost

Minus Repairs = 10% or $30k of the ARV whichever is greater

Minus Profit Margin = 14% or $40k whichever is greater

For Example:

You have a property under contract that can sell for $500,000 after repairs.  It will take $50,000 to make this the best house on the block.  We’ll pay up to 65-75% of $625,000 minus $50,000 in repairs.
$500,000 X 75% = $375,000
$375,000 – $50,000 = $325,000

We’ll pay up to $325,000 depending on the area and neighborhood conditions.  If you can get the sellers to sell for $300,000 you get $25,000 for selling us the contract.



Wholesale Partnerships


If you’ve found a great deal and need a buyer, call us even if it falls outside of our buying criteria.  We will review your deal and if we agree it has money making potential we will partner with you and help find the buyer from our network of thousands of investors.


We will split the wholesale fee 50/50.  You find the seller, we find the buyer, it’s a win win! 



Bird Dogs


If you aren’t ready to make your own offers on deals you can still make good money in real estate by being a Bird Dog or property finder.


If you see a vacant, distressed property needing repairs in your neighborhood that seems to fit our buying criteria (See buying criteria above) simply email us with the following information:

*Your name, *phone number, *email and mailing address (to receive checks)

A photo of the property – the more photos the better

*Property Address

Owners phone number (talk to neighbors)

Any extra information


If we buy the property we’ll mail you a check for $750  (must complete tax form W9)  If we can get a hold of the owner based on the info you provide we’ll send you $10 for your effort, even if we don’t buy the property.


This is a great way to start making money while you learn with no risk.




We can buy your home for cash & close within 10 days when necessary.  Avoid the hassle of fixing up your property and listing your property.  Sellers are chasing the declining market by having to lower their prices monthly to sell their homes in this competitive Buyers Market.  We don’t list houses, we buy them, so you can rest assured your house problems are behind you quickly.  Call us today and you’ll have a written offer within 48 hours. 





If you are looking for money making or money saving deals in your area send us a quick email with your buying criteria and we’ll add you to our list of buyers.  All of our deals are pre-screened to insure that only deals with money making potential that are well below market value make it to your inbox.  You must be pre-qualified for fast funding or have proof of funds to buy or visit the properties.  Our deals go quickly so you must be prepared.



Cash Investors


If you have cash to invest but not experience or time you may be able to join our buying team.  Please call for more details.